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GTM & Startups

Aydan is a highly experience early stage startup operator with over 12 years experience in Sales and 5 years GTM leadership at fast-paced startup environments - most notably at Hopin (12x growth in 18 months) and Hired (8x growth in 3 years).

Aydan is passionate about building, leading and scaling early stage GTM, Sales & CS teams in line with sustainable company growth.
Aydan believe in fostering long term relationships with customers, partners and positively motivating sales teams to high performance to grow in line with the business objectives.

Reach out to Aydan here if you would like to discuss the following.

Building GTM Strategies

  • Understand your TAM & ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

  • Product Led Growth vs Sales Lead Growth

  • Enterprise (ABM) vs High Velocity

  • Sales Team Structures

  • Pricing & Commission Structures

Attracting & Developing Talent 

  • Building a Diverse Talent Pool

  • Hiring top tier talent in competitive market

  • Remote vs Office teams

  • Successful On-boarding

  • Coaching & P2P Learning

Creating a Positive Culture

  • Setting Values

  • Importance of transparent leadership

  • Long term career planning

  • Mentorship & Advisory

  • Team Engagement 

Mental Health & Diversity 

  • Why mental health & diversity matters?

  • Why openly discussing mental health is good for your business and culture?

  • Why building a diverse team is better for your business and culture?

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